Hey, Little Ant!

As I was up north at my cabin this week for the 4th of July, I saw some ants crawling across the bricks near the campfire. These little creatures made me think of a story that I read to my first graders in order to teach the essential language arts comprehension standard of learning the point of view of characters. I started telling my family about this story and how I use authentic children’s literature to engage students in active reading strategies and comprehension skills. Reading aloud to my students is honestly my favorite part of teaching primary aged students. It is what my first and second grade teacher did so well that captivated and inspired me to want a classroom of my own someday. These types of children’s stories and pieces of authentic literature are specific ways that educators can get students excited about reading. The smile and spark that I get when I tell people about specific books I get to read to my students (even around a campfire in Northern Wisconsin… ) to teach literacy is exactly what will keep the fire alive to instill a love of life long literacy within my students! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hey, Little Ant!

  1. Love the story! I have written before, our read aloud time is one my ( and my students) favorite time of the day. It is fun to share with others who aren’t as familiar with teaching the fun things we get to do to help inspire the youth 🙂 Thanks!


  2. Taylor,
    I love this story too!! I love when I can use a great (and cute!) mentor text to teach the kids about reading strategies. Point of view is a hard strategy for firsties, but this book does a great job at really emphasizing the point of view of the boy and the ant! As a follow up activity, I have my kids write from the perspective of the ant and persuade the boy not to squish him. Even my students who typically write about one sentence go on and on about why to save the ant!
    Thanks for sharing!!


  3. I haven’t seen this one yet. Thanks for the idea. I enjoy coming across good reads that are new to me and my students.


  4. Hi Taylor–
    First of all, I LOVE the beginning of that video!! Totally cracked me up! Secondly, I agree that read alouds are one of the best ways to teach all kind of lessons. Students of all ages enjoy hearing a good book read to them that they can connect to. And finally, the fact that you were sharing this with your family over the holiday weekend shows how teaching is always in a corner of your mind–I bet that makes you a wonderful teacher!! Hope your time at the lake was relaxing and joyful!


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