Top 10 Best Websites for Literacy Leaders

Below are a few resources that are useful and essential in any literacy classroom! Some of these I use daily during the school year and others I recently found when I began this post!

Florida Center for Reading Research–

I have been using this website for a few years now! It has easy “grab and go” activities and resources that I include in my guided reading binder. I use things such as fluency enhancing activities, sight word games, etc.


There is not a day in my classroom where I do not use Epic with my students! They have everything from fiction to non-fiction and educational videos and games to use with my mini lessons. Whether it is a planned lesson or an “on the fly” read aloud, EPIC is just the place to find the perfect interactive read aloud for the SMARTboard!

Read Works–

Read works is created to meet the needs of a wide range of reading skill levels. You can chose the topic, genre and skill level of the text you are searching for.

University of Oregon Center on Teaching and Learning –

EduHound –

The Reading Corner –

RAZ Kids 

RAZ kids is a hit in my classroom! We use it daily during our Daily 5 rounds and the students are able to read, listen and answer questions at their own pace. It automatically moves them to the next level once they passed all of the books at their given level.

Reading A- Z

This website is where RAZ originates from. There are a variety of resources that are ready to go and use for teachers with students of all skill levels. You can print out mini books or project a story on the board to use with a specific phonics pattern.


Scholastic is the KING of all educational and literacy websites. This website houses a wide variety of resources for teachers, students and families to use to get kids engaged in reading!

Tween Tribune

News ELA

Tween Tribune and NEWSLEA are both great websites to use in the classroom to get students engaged in reading about the most current events. It can can be utilized for things such as close reading and also used as an option for independent choice time for the upper grade levels.


One thought on “Top 10 Best Websites for Literacy Leaders

  1. Hi Taylor,
    You have compiled a great list of resources. I was looking at Tween Tribune (what a hilarious name) and it is very similar to Newsela. I like how they both do a similar thing. Sometimes when I am working with a student through Newsela I’ll run out of articles that connect to the student’s interests and my needs. It’ll be nice to have a backup when I need it!


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